About Us

Lancashire Pike was established in 2014 in Bolton, Lancashire; a traditional English mill town.  Its founder, Stephen Ball, was keen to replicate vintage outdoor garments using only the highest quality locally-sourced material and craftsmanship.  Lancashire has always played a key role in the production of textiles, in particular the manufacturing of cotton.   Indeed 85% of all cotton manufactured worldwide in the 1830s was processed in Lancashire. 




In a bid to create durable, practical yet stylish clothing, Lancashire Pike chose to start manufacturing in Ventile®, a local, high-quality cotton product which offers a high quality standard of comfort, look and feel.  Ventile® was developed in the late 1930s by the British Cotton Industry Research Association, at the Shirley Institute in Manchester.  The dense weave of Ventile®, combined with the swelling propensities of the fibres when wet, provide first class protection from the elements.  The product is breathable when dry, wind-proof, durable and quiet when worn. 


Contact Us

9 Louvaine Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1 7NF, United Kingdom



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